Punch Down Tool

ADC Telecomm / CommScope QB-2T Punch Down Tool. This new tool has the long tip and not the short tip shown in the photos. The 2T tip will work with the ADC MKII or the ADC MKIV. This ADC QB-2T also works with the Bittree punch down system. FREE SHIPPING within the USA. International shipping is not free and will be charged accordingly.
The QB-2 below is a new tool. The QB-2 for sale is USED.

Price $300.00
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  • ADC-QB-2-punch tool-01.jpeg

    ADC-QB-2-punch tool-01.jpeg

  • ADC-QB-2-punch tool-02.jpeg

    ADC-QB-2-punch tool-02.jpeg

  • ADC-QB-2-punch tool-03.jpeg

    ADC-QB-2-punch tool-03.jpeg

  • ADC-QB-2-punch tool-04.jpeg

    ADC-QB-2-punch tool-04.jpeg

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