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Can be ordered with DB-25, XLR or TRS Connectors
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Audio Accessories Mini Shorti Quick Switch 52 Point Nickel-Plated TRS patchbay with four-foot looms to Male DB-25 with gold-pins in the connectors attached to the rear of the patchbay with gold E3 connectors. This is one of the most popular patchbays in the world, because it provides you maximum flexibility when setting up your studio. Normals can be quickly changed on each channel with the Quick Switch normaling system. You also have grounding options for isolated grounds or grounds vertically strapped (GVS).

Male or Female DB-25 connectors are offered. Using DB-25 Male lets you plug right into your gear and gets you back to recording quickly.
This is also offered with male or female XLR and or gold-tipped TRS connectors.

List price for this item is $649 without cables or connectors. Buy here and save a pant-load!

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